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In order to buy one share, we ask ourselves;

Would we buy the whole company?

Pouya David Yadegar CIO.

Public Equity Investors with a Private Equity Mindset.

Our long-term investment philosophy and disciplined risk management approach stem from our background as a successful family office with extensive real estate holdings and business operating experience.

We invest only in publicly traded companies, and take a private equity approach to our investment process. We don’t view companies as mere ticker symbols but as living entities we choose to own (or not).

Our portfolio consists of highly liquid securities and is widely diversified with approximately 30 longs and 30 shorts in 5+ sectors.

We have a proven 15-year track record.

We have a proven 15-year track record of identifying market opportunities early and substantially outperforming benchmarks.

Service Providers

Our team and infrastructure are best in class, with GIPS-verified performance and audits and accounting services performed by global industry leaders (KPMG, SS&C GlobeOp).

Wealth Management Platforms

What we do

We believe investors are missing out on some truly amazing opportunities because of their short term focus.

We come from a business-oriented background, which allows us to think long term and identify businesses poised to create outsized value as the future unfolds. We have a demonstrated ability to conceptualize complicated businesses, and our confidence in our analyses gives us the patience to let these long-term opportunities play out.

Sustainable and Systematic Investment Process

To date, our approach to long-term wealth creation has served our investors well.

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Prime’s Traditional Long/Short Portfolio has significantly outperformed benchmarks, with low correlation to the market. And, we continue to find truly undervalued investments.

The Team

Years of collective experience

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